Today we went to the beach armed with sand toys, buckets and our SPF 50. There is something about the water that centers me. Even with all the kids running around and the guys throwing footballs and Frisbees, I found myself sitting in the gentle surf and feeling a peaceful calm wash over me. It was a gorgeous sunny day with just enough of a breeze to keep cool and the waves small enough that we didn’t get knocked over. The blue-green water was crystal clear, which made diving for sea shells a lot easier and we came back with a bucketful! It was that kind of afternoon where I got lost in the moment – the joy of hearing my son laugh as he got splashed, his excitement at finding cool shells, making sand angels – and I lost all track of time. There was no stress over the laundry that was waiting for me when I got home or knowing how busy work is going to be tomorrow. Now I’m getting ready for bed, because I am utterly exhausted and that feeling of peace is still with me. =)