Someone visiting my house recently asked me if I had any margarine. My nose curled up and I said, No! I do NOT have any maaaaaargarine! I have BUTTER. Don't you know I'm a food snob?"

This single event had a ripple-like effect on my self awareness.

My New Years resolution is to accept exactly who I am. I have a quick wit, a harsh tone, an incredible sense of generosity, terrible facial expressions when I don't even know it, a good singing voice, pretty good sense of humor, and I am a self taught snob from a 'holler' in Kentucky.

I am human. With human inconsistencies. Everyone else can like it or lump it. I'm 39 years old and I'm too busy living to spend a bunch of energy trying to change everything about me that doesn't please other people. It is not my goal to please other people. It is my goal to have integrity, to be creative, to be present, to love honestly, to explore my own understanding of Spirit, to do more yoga, more dance, and so on.

I accept exactly who I am. No one else has to.