Wheeeeew. What a week. What a month. What a year!*#?@!*

If there were three of me we couldn't get everything done that I need to do. Mad, isn't it? When really all we need to do is BE. Yea, yea, go tell it to a rock, you say.

I have read a lot of literature having to do with the notion of simple living. Yet in no way have any of the chapters in my life seemed simple when I was living them. Of course, I can look back on my period in the Rockies working as an ornithology research tech and say, wow, you mean all you had to do for 2 months at a time was walk a 50 yard swath to and fro underneath some marshy Colorado power lines and look for dead birds??? Wow, what could be simpler?

Thing is, living hand-to-mouth in a camper and walking in the marsh all day presented quite a few things to worry about. Like skunks for instance. Dawg, if I had that to do now I wouldn't waste a second of it worrying. Skunk spray and all...

I've tried to apply the same logic to my present life circumstances. Sure, life seems to present a lot to worry about, but maybe one day I'll look back and say, Dawg, why did I worry so much?

Thankfully the election is over and I can now get back to worrying about more ordinary stuff.