In the open ocean when a ship encounters a rogue wave its only chance of staying afloat is if the bow of the ship is headed directly into the wave. Even the biggest, best ships can't handle a 90 foot wave that strikes the side of the vessel.

Yesterday I noticed early that my husband was in a foul mood, stressed out, handling money issues, training another new gal, and probably hadn't eaten. It crossed my mind to drive as far as a tank of gas would get me and set up a new residence. But I know that it is when a person is in such a mood that they most need their spouse to shore them up, not abandon them, and not make matters worse by giving them a hard time for having a hard time.

So I battened down my emotional hatches and turned my bow squarely in the direction of my agitated husband. Pretty sure I would take on water I said, "I don't know what it's like to be you right now, but I want you to know the baby and I appreciate all that you do to keep us afloat."

I sailed unscathed over the 90 foot wave as if it were a kiddie ride at Six Flags.