You know what I'm talking about. When you put the DVD in the player but fail to press play on the feature presentation. There are maybe 8 bars of some catchy intro music that loop continuously. And it goes on, in the background, whilst you do whatever it was that kept you from pressing play in the first place. Until, all the sudden, you hear the utter annoyance of the looping music track and realize that this is the reason you've been going vaguely crazy for the last 27 minutes.

Well, I've got about 5 things in my life that are looping on the intro. For various reasons, real and perceived, I cannot press play. Each of these things has a separate music track whirring away in my mental background. The sing-songy, player piano-style tunes combining to create an unmelodic cacophony.

Occassionally my husband comes along and presses play on one of these projects. I LOSE MY MIND. I wasn't ready to play THAAAT. And then, I hear one less annoying musical loop, and go ahhhhhhhhhh. Going sane feels a lot like going crazy.