This afternoon my husband says, " I gotta go to this meeting with this guy later, and I've got errands to run, and Barrack called and wants a phone consult with me, and oh yea, there's a yoga class at 5:30, but I probably shouldn't go, because, well, with all that I've got to do I wouldn't be home until like 9:30, and that would leave you taking care of the baby all day without help, and so anyway, I can't not go with the guy to the thing, so I guess I can't...bla, bla, bla,"

I interupted him to say with ferver, "Go to yoga. The life you save may be your own."

"Go? I should GO to yoga? Are you sure? But, I..."

"Yes, go to yoga. I can handle the baby. The baby told me earlier he thinks Dad could use some yoga."

So the owner of everythingyoga marched himself to the yoga class. Ahhhh, really I was thinking that the life saved might be my own. Meditation does my husband good.

Listen yous: think long and hard before you put your S.O. in a position to have to choose between your crazy ass and his/her own mental & physical wellness stuff. I'm not talking about F'd up situations where your S.O. (or you) would rather be at the gym than at home. I'm talking about busy people who love each other but who really do have to prioritize self-care in order to make it happen. Likewise, put the oxygen mask on yourself before you put one on the person next to you. It's for the greater good.