My yoga continues to surface at around 4am when my baby boy decides that is a good time to rehearse the day's new tricks. So, for about an hour he coos, cackles, rolls, scoots, and bangs his right hand alternately into his head and his belly while his left hand holds onto the left toes. This creates a pretty cool rocking motion that gives him big smiles.

Meanwhile, I occupy myself with the knots in my levator scapulae, traps, and rhomboids. If you have tightness between your shoulders, or anywhere around your shoulder blades, you might like this:

sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you, slightly bent at the knee, heels on the floor, toes in the air

lean over your legs to grasp with one hand the outside edge of one foot, same side, so that your hand is cupped around your foot just behind the piggy toe

relax your other hand, arm and shoulder into you lap or at your side

let your head drop down, your body relax, and SLOWLY stretch that leg, pushing that foot into your hand, the heel coming off the floor

focus on RELEASING the musculature in your shoulder girdle, letting the pushing force of your foot in your hand act with leverage to gently pull the arm and thus pull the shoulder blade away from the spine

you will feel it more if you can totally relax the shoulder muscles and still hang onto the foot

ahhhh, feel the luv...