Here's what happens: I start a yoga DVD, roll out the mat, settle in, get about 3 or 4 poses into it, realize I need to stretch before I stretch and inevitably devolve into a series of loosely yoga-like postures that just plain feel good. Right now, I'm cool with that.

I empathize with John Pinette who said he likes Starbucks coffee, but he has to stop on the way there and get a coffee so he can stand in line for coffee.

Even when I go to class I want to just stop in the midst of some pose and hang out there until my muscles release, until I get the position adjusted, until I feel like I won't fall over. But nooooo, BLAM, onto the next asana. KaPlowie! Shazam! Get up, get down, turn around, downward dog, kiss your elbow, kiss your ass, lunge forward, downward dog...hup two three four, hup two three...