Yesterday and today became one long day around 4am this morning. I realized this as I was stretched out on the living room floor in matsyasana, coaxing my back to unfurl from its hunched status after several hours of holding, cradling, bouncing, carrying, nursing, and diapering my baby child. He was in a state of pootyama for many, many hours. Betwixt and between his anguished spells of intestinal discomfort he practiced his new cooing technique. Were it not for this intermitent sweetness, I would not have made it through the night with my sanity.

How is it that we make it through our toughest times? How is it that we rebound from being stretched thin. And how is it that sometimes, sometimes we are able to bring forth our personal best during these moments?

My thinking is The Well must be full. No one can go for long on empty. You've got to have something in the bank in order to make a rightful withdrawal. Though I am short on sleep right now, I am good on all the other basics. If I had other survival-level needs going unmet, well, I don't think my son would be getting my best at 4am.