Remember those bumper stickers? "Envision Whirled Peas."

Speaking of world peace, I have just learned about the "Songs for Tibet" CD.

"Sting, Alanis Morissette, Dave Mathews, John Mayer, Moby and more than a dozen other top artists have come together to create the historic album, 'SONGS FOR TIBET - THE ART OF PEACE', which is a heartfelt celebration of the Dalai Lama & Tibet. With Tibet's existence and culture threatened by the Chinese government, this album is a vital message of support. Album proceeds will be used to fund peace initiatives and Tibetan cultural preservation projects important to the Dalai Lama. The album's popularity will send Beijing a message that the world supports basic human rights and fundamental freedoms for the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people."

So saith Michael Wohl, Executive Director of The Art of Peace Foundation

WTF do I know about Tibet? I know that they are low on the food chain in their neck of the woods. Can you really imagine for a moment what it must be like to see your culture disappear right before your very eyes? Pummeled by the very entity claiming to protect you. Sounds like a domestic violence scenario: having the crap beat out of you, being trapped, being threatened, and then asked to clean yourself up so you look pretty.

There is one of those trendy videos of people talking to the camera on Youtube if you need some motivation to get involved.  The CD isn't available until Aug 12th, but Burton and I pre-bought our copy last night.