This weekend a dear friend came to visit me with her 4 year old daughter. This friend has been doing yoga for umpteen years, before it seemed to be the franchised pastime of the hip and haughty. Naturally I expected us to do a little yoga together.

Going to regional and national yoga conferences with my husband, I have become accustomed to yoga people showing off what they can do. Not having spent very much time around my dear friend lately, I expected her to do the same. You know, asanas from a seasoned yogini to a novice...

No dice.

We spent the whole weekend talking, hardly leaving the house. She came here to see how I am coping, to meet my new son, and to share some motherhood insights about not giving a shit what other people think.

I couldn't even tempt her with swag from the EY storerooms. How refreshing. Thank you, Susan.