Oh yes, staying at home with the baby leaves pleeeeenty of time for exercise. Right.

When exactly am I supposed to carve out this relaxing hour for the practice of movement, meditation, and maitri? When indeed?

I probably shouldn't have said in my earlier post that I do not work. I just don't work away from home. Three years ago, I retired from massage therapy in order to pursue more fully my work as a jeweler. This summer marks 20 years that I have been making and selling one-of-a-kind art jewelry. The post-partum plan is to slowly work into something approaching part-time hours in my backyard studio. Simultaneously, I have been getting involved in some of the everythingyoga.com (henceforth "EY") business stuff. Simultaneously, I have been mothering a 4 month old. Simultaneously, I have needed to GET DRESSED AND BRUSH MY TEETH.

See the problem? Where exactly can I put the yoga??

Oh, I'm sure I can tweeze from my busy week a few minutes here, a few minutes there. They just won't be contiguous minutes. And they sure as hell don't roll over.